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        Technology empowers strawberry farmers in Xinjiang

        Technology empowers strawberry farmers in Xinjiang

        2023-04-08 22:14:05 來源:Ecns.cn

        (ECNS)-- Young green strawberry seedlings are thriving under the most suitable conditions of light, temperature and humidity thanks to an intelligent water and nutrient control system at a virus-free propagation center overseen by the Agricultural Institute of the Twelfth Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps(XPCC).

        "In 2012, the institute took the lead in conducting research on the third-level propagation of virus-free strawberries throughout Xinjiang, creating a standardized demonstration base for large-scale production of virus-free strawberries, and gradually mastering the complete technology of stem-tip peeling," said Shi Fangfang, director of the testing center at the Agricultural Institute of the Twelfth Division.

        The institution has established six high-efficiency demonstration bases for virus-free strawberry cultivation, and more than 70 new varieties of strawberries have been introduced from both domestic and foreign sources, achieving the industrialization of virus-free strawberry seedling production.

        It has provided more than 1.5 million virus-free strawberry seedlings to customers in Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu province and other regions, generating indirect economic benefits of over 15 million yuan ($2.2 million ).

        "The virus-free strawberry seedlings developed in the laboratory have strong disease resistance. They can reduce soil-borne diseases, and have high yields. The yield per mu (0.067 hectares) is around 150,000 yuan($2181.7)," Shi said.

        In recent years, the Twelve Division has continuously increased research, development, and introduction of agricultural technologies and empowered agricultural development with science and technology.

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